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Christmas 2012

Updates :)

Is been quite some time since I’ve given an update. Okay here we go!
I am currently 6 days out from my second figure competition. I will probably be about 128lbs for this one. That’s about 9-10 lbs heaved than the last. I hope it ends up being a good thing. Fingers crossed that I do well!
Last month I got my ISSA certification. I am now a Certified Fitness Trainer! I can train people now. I’m so excited that I know have the ability to show others what they can do to help themselves and I get paid to do it!
I’m having allot of trouble knowing where to start and finding clients. But hopefully that will change sooner than later. Allot of people ask me for my help and want it for free. And. Need to learn how to tell them that it’s how. Make my living now and that I can’t make them diet plans and workout routines without charging them. It’s heard because. Wild love to see everyone around me improve.
My twin sister is starting to workout and eat right, she’s currently lost 16lbs in the last 3 weeks! I hope to compete with her by next year. Ill post some current pics on here as soon as I can!!

Please if anyone has a question ask and I can post the answers on my page :)

Fund this one.  I was very big here.  I can’t believe how much I’ve changed.


The way you eat had everything to do with your physique. I would say 80% or more. I was reading a helpful guide one day and it said something that stuck out in my head and I say it all the time. It said “eat fat, get fat” that simple. And it true. People don’t realize all the garbage they are putting into there body. If your read a label on everything you eat you would probably not enjoy it so much. It may taste good but it’s hurting you and you may be on the path to self destruction and lowering your quality of life without even knowing or caring. When you go into a grocery store you should be shopping in 2 areas. Produce and meats. If its in a box it’s probably not very good for you. We all know what’s good for us in the back of our minds. Just follow your instincts. We need protein(meat), veggies, good fats(nuts,avocado), and some fruit. You cannot starve yourself. That is to how you lose weight. If you are doing that you are slowing your metabolism and ruining your body. You only have one body and you need to treat it like a king/queen because if you don’t take care of it people will know buy the way you walk, talk, look, feel, etc. you will exude everything that you are and that’s unhealthy. There is nothing more attractive than a fit person. When you feel good and strong and you know you are treating your body right then everyone will know it and it becomes contagious. I eat every 2 to 3 hours every day of my life.. I spend allot of my time cooking. If you are thinking that you don’t have the time of day to cook then you are wrong and making an excuse. You need to wake up a hour early or go to bed a hour later and prepare your whole days meals. Some people will prepare for the whole week. It’s all a numbers game. How may times a day am I going to be awake? How many grams of protein do I need to effectively grow my muscle? How many carbs will I need to keep my energy up and muscle full??
These are a few things that I personally purchase on a very regular basis.

Chicken breast (all natural)
Green beans
Brown rice

It’s pretty clear that the more natural you buy the better it is. It is expensive to eat healthy. When you buy oatmeal don’t make it Quaker single packets flavored strawberries and cream, That’s just eating a oatmeal cookie. It had sugar in it. And is NOT healthy. There is also of oatmeal in disguise. Starbucks has it McDonald’s has it. It’s not good. Just stop eating it. You will save yourself money and fat from avoiding it. I eat everything plain. No salt or pepper added. No seasoning on anything. No butter. I eat very clean. The longer you do this the more you realize that food has its own flavor and it tastes good. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. I boil my chicken and steam my fish. My eggs I scramble. I eat them all plain. I’m usually starving by the time my next meal is ready to be eaten. That’s a good sign that my metabolism is going nice and strong and fast. If you give up all the crappy foods you will find yourself losing weight and getting stronger without even working out. You will feel better even if you didn’t know you we’re feeling bad in the fist place. Your body is an amazing thing. I feel like anyone can do it if they want it. I see people everyday that a obese and I want to help them. I want to tell them they can be better and live longer of they just cared about themselves. But I know that if someone came up to me when I was a fatty that I probably would have told them no that’s okay I don’t need it.

Post competition

I did it! I did my first figure competition. I got 5 th place. That is not to bad. I was a little flat because I depleted my body of to much carbs and water. The good thing about your fist time is that you learn allot from it. Now i know what to do for next time. After the competition I went crazy for a couple of weeks. That’s exactly what you are not supposed to do! I gained 14lbs. I’ve kept about 10 of it because I do want to be bigger for my next one. It was a great experience and I was proud and dissapointed in myself at the same time. I know that when I workout and eat right that I give 100%. I feel like I should have placed a bit higher, but like I said before I was flat and that’s what the fist time is for. It’s a learning experience. I looked and felt great and had the best tan so that was cool haha. I also have a friend/trainer who is a bodybuilder and is training me for my next one, she is very helpful and it will make the process easer for me because I don’t have to use trial and error so much this time around. I want to post a few things about diet. Ill post them right after this. Is just sort of a guide line of what not to eat or buy and what to eat. Basic rules to live by. :)

Me and Freddy! I love you thank you so much for helping me through everything! I love you 😘😘😘 @xapatisto - @ninarene- #webstagram

@ninarene- #webstagram